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React Native Development

React Native

React Native App Development

React Native is the choice for businesses that are looking to develop simple yet engaging apps with high performance. If you need to explore how React Native can fit into your app development requirements, talk to our experts.
React Native App Development –Triggering digital transformation, we are pushing the boundaries of digital transformation by leveraging the amazing power and flexibility of React Native Apps. Using one single platform, we can deliver your mobile app for both Android IOS platforms, quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.
Our superstar team of React Native app developer’s rich experience in developing and delivering mobile solutions that are scalable, robust, and secured for multiple industries. When their extraordinary programming skills are combined with the power of React Native platform, then we at FeelTech create pure magic for our clients.

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What is React Native?
React Native is Facebook’s open-source mobile app development framework released in 2015. It uses a single codebase to render applications on different platforms and enables the developers to use the framework’s native platform capabilities. It offers a wide range of in-built core components and APIs to use in your applications.
What are the advantages of React Native App Development?
React Native’s is highly popularity among the organizations for various reasons: • Ability to reuse code • Relatively simpler user interface • Support for third-party plugins • Modular architecture • Live and Hot Reloading • Optimal performance • A large developers’ community
Why choose React Native for your next mobile app?
As React Native is a cross platform app development framework, it enables the developers to use the same codebase for both Android and iOS applications. It not only makes the future updates and maintenance easier but also decreases the development time and cost drastically. Furthermore, new technology and app features can be easily added to the code base without repetition or downtime.
Can you still use React Native if you already have a native app for your business?
Yes, you can. You just need to set up React Native dependencies and directory structure followed by adding it to the React Native code. The integration must be done separately for all the platforms. As a business or process owner, you must compare the investment in terms of both time and cost before adding React Native to your existing app or building a new app before taking the final call. It’s best to consult a React Native app development expert to get the best advice.
Why React Native is such a popular app development tool?
The main reason behind React Native’s popularity is its ability to build cross platform apps. You just have to write the code once and then render it on various platforms natively. When Facebook released the framework in 2015, it was one of the few cross-platform app development platforms available. Over the years, Facebook engineers have added multiple features to make it one of the preferred choice. Besides the strong community support, here are some more reasons behind React Native’s popularity: • It uses JavaScript, so hiring developers is easy • Reusable and sharable code • Rapid development • Wide range of third-party plugins available • Easy and quick prototyping
Why choose FeelTech for your next React Native app development project?
We have been developing React Native apps for cross platform development since it was released by Facebook in 2015. To produce the best possible apps for your business, we use the agile development process to improve further upon development times. Being a top React Native app development company, we have developed 40+ React Native apps for our clients till date.
How much does it cost to develop a React Native app?
The cost of an app depends upon the number of features or customizations needed, timelines for app development and experience of the team or company you are hiring. It is always a good idea to ask the company for a quotation so that you can compare the different options you have with respect to cost and quality.
Why should you choose React Native over native app development?
Native apps run only on the platform for which they have been developed, say Android or iOS. But React Native apps can run on any mobile platform or web. With a single development effort, you can get an app that can be used on multiple platforms and on devices of all screen sizes.
Which apps have been built using React Native?
React Native has been used to develop some of the most popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg, Myntra, Pinterest, Microsoft Office 365 Apps, etc.