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Laravel Development

Laravel Development

Cutting edge development services for your business needs will help you to scale new heights in your business.

FeelTech offers a broad range of custom development services to our clients. Laravel is an open-source PHP-based framework intended for the development of web applications.
At FeelTech, we work closely with our clients to create robust, scalable, aesthetically appealing, and feature-rich web applications to help them build a stronger online presence.
Our highly talented team of Laravel developers has the prowess of creating exclusive designs. They also work on incorporating built-in features that deliver a high-quality user experience. With the help of our customized Laravel web development services, you can get the right website for your business.

Customised Laravel Development Services

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What are the benefits of Laravel?

Laravel is a versatile framework for developing secure, scalable and maintainable web applications and APIs
It speeds up the development process and hence helps to launch your app much sooner compared to other frameworks.
It comes up with various tools that help to boost the web app performance.
The Blade Templating engine allows developers to simply use the pre-defined templates to write certain codes easily and quickly.
It allows developers to build certain functionalities much faster and even in a better way.
Laravel comes up with pre-installed object-oriented libraries that are full of great features that are easy-to-implement.
The framework provides high-class security and protects the app from any malware activities or security threats.
MVC architecture helps to improve the performance of your app.
The framework comes up with tools, libraries, and templates that facilitate the development process.
It allows for quick and easy development of multilingual apps.


Can Laravel be used for scalable application development?
Yes. Laravel offers the creation of modern and highly scalable distributed cloud-native applications with caching, cloud storage, session drivers, and read-write separation of the database, among many others. Our experience with custom Laravel development projects includes the creation of highly scalable web applications to handle millions of users.
How experienced is your development team, and how do they stay updated with the most recent on Laravel web development?
We have a strong and technically qualified development team, hired as an outcome of a rigorous screening process. Our developers and business experts stay updated with the latest in the industry through individual and corporate development forums to ensure the best solution for you.
How long does it take to build a Laravel website?
It will depend on a variety of factors such as the development platform, features and functionality, complexity of design, testing and other variables. We suggest that you get in touch with us to get a more detailed estimate of your timeline.
Why is Laravel so popular?
There are many reasons why Laravel is so popular. Here are top 5 reasons why it’s considered one of the top PHP frameworks:• Model-view-controller architecture for exceptional support & performance. • Template engine for outstanding layouts. • Artisan command-line interface for utterly simple & fast commands. • Eloquent object-relational mapper for easy interaction with app database. • Adequate app testing features.
I am thinking of opting for Laravel web development, but is it secure?
Thousands of developers use Laravel worldwide, and with powerful community support, the framework is safe against risks, cross-site forgery requests and SQL injection. It safeguards the code base that enables the website application to function smoothly with no security threat. Moreover, there are in-built libraries in Laravel that can protect vital data from illegitimate use. All of this ensures a strong level of security. Do give this blog a read if you wish to learn more about how Laravel’s security feature ensures that developers can now use virtually every aspect of the process safely.
How would you suggest Laravel is different from regular PHP?
To start with PHP is a language and Laravel is a framework. Laravel being written in PHP is a perfect server-side framework that enables the creation of much faster and maintenance-friendly web apps
Do you follow SEO-friendly design & development practices, I want my website to be search engine friendly?
Yes, rest assured that our Laravel developers and designers keep in mind all the best practices related to SEO which include interactive and emerging UI/IX trends, core web vitals, mobile-friendly, server-side rendering, creation of crawlable site structures with optimized URLs that ensure your website is SEO-friendly.
What is Laravel and why it is used?
Laravel is a robust open-source web application PHP framework with expressive, elegant syntax. It uses a model-view-controller design pattern and reuses the existing components of different frameworks which facilitates the development process. Apps built with Laravel are more structured and pragmatic. Here are a few benefits the framework provides:• Apps built with Laravel are more scalable. • It helps to save some time since it reuses components from other frameworks. • It has a lot of features like Database migration, database Seeding, Scheduling, queuing and notifications etc. • It has a command line interface which simplifies the process of building apps. • It works on modular bases with lots of free functions available which lets developers develop apps quickly and without excessive lines of code. • There’s no need to write test procedures for each new task since testing is included in the framework.