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Software Testing and QA

Software Testing and QA


To drive your digital agenda, software testing must find a balance between cost, speed, and quality

FeelTech, as an IT service firm, provides sophisticated and comprehensive Software Testing services, with a devoted, experienced, and skilled testing staff dedicated to continually improving quality. Our well-defined standard testing techniques incorporate both human and automated testing. Our major goal is to assure improved quality at each stage of the project, achieve near-zero Post-Delivery Defects, and reach the highest level of customer satisfaction via constant analysis and fair assessment.

Types of Testing


Functional Testing

Validating the software system to ensure that each of the application's functional requirements is met and that the desired output is achieved. Functional testing is carried out by our professional QA testing team, with a focus on the UI, database, security, APIs, other application features.

Performance Testing

Our experienced team of QA Testers executes quality checks and software behavior analysis under load and stress guarantees flawless, reliable, and smarter applications. Performance testing can help you overcome inefficient load times, responsiveness, and instability.

Security Testing

Perform security testing with each release to uncover potential risks in your application. Our software testing services are provided by a skilled team of test engineers that conduct assessments and penetration testing in order to protect your applications from harmful threats

Usability Testing

When numerous functions of an application are running at the same time, keep an eye on their behavior. Our services include a detailed check of user behavior patterns to discover possible usability issues early on and build a smooth product.

Compatibility Testing

Explore the possibilities of compatibility testing which rigorously evaluate an application across several browsers, databases, hardware, operating systems, server infrastructures, resolution displays, and devices.

Functional Testing

Functional testing ensures that an application's user needs and functionalities are by the specifications, good functional testing services ensure that your program accomplishes precisely what it is intended to do.

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What are the services we provide?

Manual Testing

Our specialists employ manual testing to recreate user activity, following consistent protocols, testing the precise situation, and striving to eliminate any unanticipated defects well before real system deployment. Because of our careful test cases and strategies, the software tested by us is guaranteed to be dependable, high-quality, and error-free, whether it is in-house, third-party testing services, or custom creation.

Automated Testing

We give separate emphasis to Automated software testing services by having individual teams that are constantly informed of contemporary testing technologies and contribute their inputs to our valued customers. Recognizing the growing relevance of agile development methods, we simulate scenarios and blend human and automated testing as part of our test plans and test cases.

Web Application Testing

Web application and website testing check the solutions' seamless operation, correct rendering in target settings, stability, security, and robust data exchange with integrated systems.
FeelTech has extensive functional, integration, compatibility, performance, and security testing of online systems with varying technological and architectural complexity.

Mobile Application Testing

Types of mobile application testing include functional, compatibility, usability, performance, and security testing. FeelTech offers a comprehensive variety of mobile app testing services based on our expertise with mobile particulars and standards to assure the high quality and user acceptance of your app.