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API Developement

API Developement


Create a bespoke API to fuel your website, mobile application, or desktop application.

Many people might be unfamiliar with the term Frontend/Backend and API development in website building.
The application programming interface (API) is a set of endpoints that work together to implement and execute requests/commands from the front end.
We’re here to build the backend and API apps piece by piece, and we’re very versatile, efficient, and proactive in our approach. Your backend design includes both the server and the database. We offer customers the most effective technical help and abilities for developing backend and API systems while maintaining complete accuracy.
To explain API in simpler terms it is the window or vehicle that connects the frontend and backend. You’ll need to employ the best backend and API developers if you want to improve the functionality of your backend web apps. We offer customers the most effective technical help and abilities for developing backend and API systems while maintaining complete accuracy.

Backend and API Development Team

Any Backend or API developer will find developing a web application tough if they lack the necessary knowledge and skills. It requires talent and professionalism to make it happen.
FeelTech is an organization that employs such capable minds for the benefit of its customers. We have a team of well-trained developers with strategic planning, investment, and expertise.
At FeelTech, we strive to provide the best support and guidance in the creation of Backend web applications.

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Services we provide in API Development

Custom API Development

We can create a custom API to complement your current off-the-shelf solution or integrate a third-party API to allow your software to interact with other apps, devices, and business systems seamlessly.

Cloud API Development

The app can request data from services via a direct, indirect, or cross-platform interface using cloud APIs. Cloud-based APIs are used by our developers and administrators to integrating applications into the cloud

Third-Party API Integration

For web services, we provide integration services via API. We provide full support and implementation, as well as ensure that the connections between services run smoothly and securely.

API Testing and QA

To ensure the performance and functionality of mission-critical business apps, our engineers and quality assurance (QA) specialists employ best practices such as unit testing, functional testing, and load testing.
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Benefits of API Development

Improved Performance: We don't simply create your app; we also make sure it's working well when you have a lot of traffic to your website or a lot of people using it.
Secured: It is not difficult to create an app, but it takes a great deal of knowledge and ability to create one that is extremely secure and can safeguard your company from vested interests.
Scalable: We create programs that are built to be scalable and load resistant from the start.
Flexibility: API-driven development will be critical for organizations to gain a competitive advantage and ensure that the software they deliver is as connected and flexible as possible.
High Quality: We provide what we promise with our quality standards and thorough app testing methods, so you don't have to.
Professional Support: We will always be there for you, even after the final delivery and sign-off.
Within Budget: Of course, quality comes at a cost, but we offer the best balance of quality and price.
Advanced Technology: We are constantly eager to learn new technologies and ensure that your projects are carried out using the most advanced technology available.
Lightweight: REST APIs is a lightweight, quick tool that can be used for both traditional and mobile/IoT applications.
Ease of Integration: Understandably, APIs allow developers to embed any type of application or service into the given website or web application. It provides ease of integration between different website components, custom functionality, or third-party services.

Why choose us for API Development?


Our API specialists design strong, safe, and easy-to-maintain APIs using Python, PHP, and DotNet Core. Our Developers have extensive experience with third-party APIs as well.


We are professionals in developing new APIs and integrating your application with an existing API interface. Our team of experienced IT professionals provides API development and integration services,


We've successfully built high-performance and secure APIs for any sector, tailored to your individual needs. Our programmers employ SOAP / REST API techniques to process data in a variety of programming languages

Quality And Time of Delivery

Our outstanding API Integration solutions and API testing services are well-known for their high quality and prompt delivery to our clients

Use Of Latest Technologies

We combine cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true methods to lessen the complexity, differences, and overlaps that exist in every organisation.